Implant Augmentation :
Round Type

Characteristics of Round Implant

Characteristics of Round Implant
Round implants are the most commonly used implants for breast augmentation
in order to achieve fullness of upper breasts with round bottom and curved
middle area. As the implant is perfectly round, the implant will emphasize the
natural shape, whether standing up or lying down.
It is appropriate for those who seek augmented breasts with full volume on the upper parts.

The main point is
to create a cleavage!

  • Achieve large breast volume and glamorous slope at the same tie
  • Achieve full cleavage and natural shape regardless of the posture
  • Achieve voluminous upper breasts and cleavage after child birth and aging
  • Large breast

  • Natural

  • Glamorous

Suitable candidate
for round implants:

  • Minimum breast
    ptosis (sagging)

  • Central nipple

  • Breasts are
    located near
    to the chest

  • Have nearly
    perfect breast

Types of Round Implant

  • Smooth Type
    Smooth Type
    • Most commonly used type
    • The surface is smooth and soft
    • Suitable for those with thin skin
      and little breast tissues


    • Feels soft and freely rotates inside
      the breasts after the surgery
    • Easy implant placement
    • Easy to correct any complications
  • Textured Type
    Textured Type
    • The surface is rough and uneven,
      allowing the tissues to grow in
      between and fix the implant in place


    • Low possibility of rupture, shape changes
      and capsular contracture
    • Does not require massage after the surgery
    • Low implant rotation and movement

What is Motiva

Technological advancement in the medical implant industry have led to the development of Motiva Ergonomix,
a silicone-gel type implant with extreme elasticity and smooth texture which greatly minimizes the incision site.
Also, Motiva displays the most natural outcome as the implant’s shape changes according
to the person’s position and movement just like real breast tissues.

Premium Implant with Utmost


Premium Motiva with the highest quality, satisfaction and safety meets
WONJIN’s Premium Breast Surgery Center

Motiva Ergonomix
  • Motiva Ergonomix
  • Extended
  • Naturalness
    like real breasts
  • Fastest recovery
    time with
    minimal incision
  • Lowest Rate of
  • Outstanding
    any other

Premium Breast Implant :

Premium Breast Implant : MOTIVA ERGONOMIX
Motiva Ergonomix has been used by surgeons across 60 different countries including England,
France, Germany and other European countries, as well as Japan and more.
It is a high-end premium breast implant that allows better movement, shape, and texture than
pre-existing implants.
Due to its characteristics, it is widely recognized as the most technologically developed
premium breast implant. 

Why Motiva?


    The ultra soft, form-stable filling gel for optimal shape retention and texture,
    makes Motiva unsurpassable by other pre-existing implants.
    State-of-the-art shell design results to strong durability, while the cohesive gel with thin outer shell allows exceptional elasticity and texture.

  • Minimized the risk of capsular contracture
    02. Minimized the risk of capsular contracture

    Motiva’s own exclusive patented skill, Blue Seal, is referred to the barrier layer
    on the outer side of implant.
    Blue Seal insertion minimizes silicone gel diffusion to the other area of body.
    This results in reducing the risk of capsular contracture that may be occurred due to gel bleeding.

  • Minimal incision and fast recovery
    03. Minimal incision and fast recovery

    Motiva’s excellent elasticity allows implant insertion through minimal incision (2.5~3cm). Traditional implants require an incision about 5cm big,
    but Motiva can be easily inserted through small incision sites as its surface is even and smooth.
    Small incision leads to less pain, bleeding, minimal scars and quick recovery.

  • Natural & anatomical shape like real breasts
    04. Natural & anatomical shape like real breasts

    The shape of Motiva provides golden ratio adjusting to the patient’s position
    for natural looks from every angle
    Motiva transforms according to the breast’s movement and position,
    presenting a very similar shape to one’s own breasts

  • Premium Service
    05. Premium Service

    Motiva implants guarantee premium warranty for patients’ safety. Motiva provides premium services with 5 years of insurance warranties according to quality assurance
    through CNA (American insurance company), that has been classified as A class from
    Standard & Poor’s, for patients who needs an implant replacement due to rupture or revision surgery.

  • * What is UDI chip?

    UDI chip is an advanced technology to verify breast implant’s information/data transcending time and space.
    Patients’ safety and trust are secured as it cannot be lost or misplaced.

Implant Augmentation :
BellaGel Micro

What is BellaGel Micro?

BellaGel Micro is a Micro Textured Breast Implant which only combined the advantages of existing round and natural implants,
in terms of natural shape and texture. Its ergonomic design and viscoelasticity does not only enable the implant to move according
to the person’s position, but it also dispenses a natural body silhouette and texture.
With tissue-friendly and porous composition, BellaGel Micro particularly has soft texture compared to other implants.

Implant Augmentation : BellaGel Micro
  • Micro Textured
    Breast Implant

  • Natural body

  • Soft texture

01. BellaGel Micro Texture

BellaGel Micro is composed of fine, smooth surface structure with an average of 40 micrometers.

BellaGel Micro enlarged photo oh the surface
Max.(㎛) Max.(㎛) Avg.(㎛)
55.79 24.74 41.40

Ref. Test Report on Silicone Gel Implant’s exterior & size (surface), HansBiomed, 2017.

02. BellaGel Micro

BellaGel Micro

BellaGel Micro uses Cohesive Silicone Gel as its source material, and therefore has high cohesiveness.
Also, with its viscoelasticity, implant insertion gets a lot easier with better texture after the surgery.

03. BellaGel Micro Safety

BellaGel Micro is manufactured according to the production process management and quality test of International Guideline
(ISO 14607. ASTM F703, FDA Guidance).

ISO 14067 - Non-active surgical implants -- Mammary implants -- Particular requirements ASTM F703 - Standard Specification
for Implantable Breast Prostheses RDA GUIDANCE - Saline, Silicone Gel, and Alternative Breast Implants Guideline from
Ministry of Food & Drug Safety – Testing methods on the mechanical and physical/chemical properties of Silicone Gel Implants

  • Fatigability Testing
    01. Fatigability Testing

    Using a regulated device, the implant is rotated in a speed of 2 x 106 and observed with 10 times of optic magnification. (Tested according to ISA 14607)

  • Intensity Testing
    02. Intensity Testing

    BellaGel’s Silicone Shell intensity is managed based on the international standard. (ASTM F 703)

  • 03. Impact Testing

    Damage is observed by dropping a 4.4kg shock board from a certain standardized height.

Impact Testing

The shell of BellaGel Micro is composed of 5 layers, and the internal shell has barrier layer formation which effectively
prevents Gel leakage due to rupture, etc.

04. BellaGel Micro Size

After a thorough research on the physical characteristics of local and Asian women,
BellaGel Micro is designed with various sizes according to the projection that would best
fit the patient’s body size.

BellaGel Micro Size BellaGel Micro Size

05. BellaGel Micro Warranty

BellaGel Micro implements Responsibility Guarantee System
for both the medical team and the patient’s safe choice of the implant.

BellaGel Micro Warranty

As a medical device, “Precautions” and “Method of Use” must be read carefully before usage.
KMDIA : Deliberation No. 2017-11-04-02624