[Column] Balance Your Face with Non-surgical Alar Reduction by Elasticum,


[Star Daily News=Editor Hwang Kyu-Jun] In Korea, a blunt nose tip or flat nose is often called a Bok-ko. In the past, it was named after for wealthy people but they might give a clunky and stuffy impression. Recently, patients with blunt and thick nose want to improve their nose to be higher and slimmer by alar reduction.


Alar reduction surgery is divided into incisional and non-incisional and depending on the shape of the nose, the thickness of the skin and the method of surgery. Incisional method is for patients who have large nostrils with thick skin and incision is made inside the nostrils to make them narrower. Non-incisional method is by using special medical threads called Elasticum to pull nostrils together. This special material band are elastic and stable with tissue bonding so it lasts longer than conventional threads, and can be expected to be natural when speaking or smiling.

Additionally, since it is non-incisional method, there will be no scarring with short surgery time and fast recovery.


However, in order to achieve satisfactory alar reduction, it is essential to reduce the nostrils according to the each patient’s face ratio considering the angle, shape and width of the nostrils that could bring the result to be symmetric.


Alar reduction is often seen as a relatively simple operation but since the nose is located in the center of the face, it is necessary to pay close attention to the surgical method and plan through sufficient consultation with professional surgeon with abundant experience.




By Dr. Kang Moon-Seok, Head Surgeon at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group





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