*Side effects such as bleeding, infection, etc. can occur depending on individual condition
model Perfect for you Customized Lifting, Wonjin W LIFTING Use only the thread patented by FDA and MFDS, 4 times greater effect by using molding thread with patented formula, Skin regeneration effect through collagen production, Minimal invasive surgery method without having to worry about swelling and scarring, Quick recovery time and long lasting effect ※Wonjin W LIFTING provides the best lifting solutions customized to individual condition Wonjin’s W LIFTING Before & After, Wonjin’s W LIFTING provides the best lifting solutions customized to individual condition 30’s - Light nasolabial fold, Double chin Light Nasolabial fold [Filler],ㆍ Simple and quick treatmentㆍ Immediate resultㆍ Immediate return to daily activities ㆍ without swelling and scarring V line [Ultra V lifting+ Ulthera], Ultra V lifting ㆍ Simple treatment and quick recovery ㆍ Adequate amount of volume on face ㆍ Skin texture improvement through collagen production Ultra V lifting ㆍ Immediate tightening effect through strong ultrasonic waves ㆍ Wrinkle and volume improvement at onceㆍ Immediate return to daily activities BEFORE / AFTER Filler + Ultra V + Ulthera 50’s - Forehead wrinkles, Deep nasolabial fold, Buccal fats V line [Ultra V lifting+ Ulthera] , Wint Lifting ㆍ Greater lifting effect by using bump threads with 360 degree rotating hooks ㆍ Tightening, Volume, Regeneration effect with Lifting + Collagen production LTE V Lifting ㆍ Dual direction barbs create tightening effect + facial volume ㆍ About 30 minute long non-invasive treatment without incision and scar ㆍ Great deep wrinkle improvement BEFORE / AFTER Endotine Wint Lifting +LTE V Lifting + Ulthera 01. The Techniques of Clinically Experienced Professional Surgeons , They choose Wonjin because Wonjin is equipped with 4 technical skills that affect the lifting outcome. 4 Technological Know-Hows of Wonjin- Know the best insertion depth, Selects the best fixation point, Selects the right inserting directions considering the outcomes , Precise and meticulous power control Wonjin W Lifting 02. Customized Treatment in favor of individual condition and desire, People choose Wonjin because we provide customized treatments that suit each individual’s condition and desire, using the most advanced lifting devices and materials. model 03. The Techniques of Clinically Experienced Professional Surgeons, Based on continuous researches done by the specialist doctors, Wonjin’s exclusive techniques are fully acknowledged by the clinical association. -대한미용성형외과학회지 게재 실을 이용한 안면부및 목의거상술- 04. Lifting Effect from Head to Toe , People choose Wonjin because we also provide breasts, arm, thigh, and calf lift Face, Arm, Breasts, Waist, Hip, Thigh, calf 'I was really concerned about the nasolabial folds that weren’t improved even after being treated by all the expensive cosmetic products' 32 years old, Mi Kyung Jo, I should have got facial lifting with the money rather than spending it for the cosmetics!, The reason why customers of 20~30’s Highly rave about Wonjin’s Facial Lifting! 'My friends often recommended Wonjin, and now I know why a big hospital like Wonjin is renowned!' 65 years old, Young Ja Lee,  I understand why people choose Wonjin! The reason why customers of 40~60’s choose Wonjin for their face lifting!