The CEO & Associate Professors of Premium Breast Implant ‘MOTIVA’ visits Wonjin


The CEO & Associate Professors of Premium Breast Implant ‘MOTIVA’ visits Wonjin


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‘Motiva’ CEO & Professor Visits [Medical Information Exchange]



On November 19th 2017, the CEO of ‘MOTIVA’ Premium Breast Implant Company, Mr Juan Jose Chacon Quiros (Juan Jose), and his associates Scott Spear from Georgetown University and Macos Sforza from Dolan Park Hospital in the UK, visited Wonjin Plastic Surgery. Despite already hosting a medical information exchange with representatives from ‘MOTIVA’, Mr Juan Jose the CEO himself insisted that he “wanted to visit Wonjin Plastic Surgery, one of top plastic surgery hospital in the world with the highest volume of breast implant usage.” He was also “grateful and thankful for Dr Park for his precious time despite the tight schedule”, and both Dr Park and Mr Juan Jose had a very insightful discussion about ‘MOTIVA’.

‘MOTIVA’ Ergonomix has been approved for usage across the world, with particular certification by the European Union with the CE marking approval. There were no evident signs of capsular contracture during the entire clinical testing phase of 5 years using ‘MOTIVA’, which allowed for this product to be globally recognized for its innovative safety construct.

It has savored all positive elements from pre-existing implants, and rectified all negative aspects to give the most natural looking and natural feeling breasts. ‘MOTIVA’ is only allocated and distributed to verified surgeons with exceptional clinical history and skills. Wonjin Plastic Surgery is now equipped with ‘MOTIVA’, the top 1% Premium Breast Implants.


“С помощью лучших навыков и эстетических технологий,
Клиника пластической хирургии Вонджин позаботится о
Вашем будущем.”