Tattoo, Nevus of Ota

What is Tattoo & Nevus of Ota

  • Tattoo


    Tattoo is a type of art where the practitioner with the license carves specific letter, pattern, or drawing on patient’s body using needle and pigment. Tattoo’s pigment penetrates deep into dermas layer, so it cannot be easily removed.
    Thus, if you wish to edit or remove it, you need a special treatment for it.

  • Nevus of Ota

    Nevus of Ota

    Nevus of Ota is a type of skin disease that presents as a blue or gray patch on the face due to melanin cyto proliferation.
    About 45% of Nevus of Ota is congenital with onset at birth or age before 10, and it is likely to get darker or spread widely with aging. It is mostly found on facial areas and also can be found on back of body or eye’s white part.

The Causes of Nevus of Ota

It can be seen as a bruise at birth or outbreak before age of 10 but sometimes,
it may be found in adolescent period.
The symptom of Nevus of Ota worsens as melanin cyto proliferates by UV light exposure,
so it is recommended to be treated early in the stage before it spreads too far and too deep.

Types of Nevus of Ota

Research Result of 75% Improvement Shown by Nevus of Ota Treatment

  • Brownish Type

    Brownish Type

    3~4 times

  • Homogenous Type

    Homogenous Type

    5~6 times

  • Mixed Type

    Mixed Type

    3~4 times

  • Blue Type

    Blue Type

    At least 6 times

* The number of treatment may vary according to individual’s skin condition *

Treatment Methods

Laser treatment is the most effective way for Tattoo and Nevus of Ota treatment.
You can expect a satisfying effect from laser treatment since it selectively targets
melanin pigments situated deep in the dermis layer without skin damage on the outside.

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