Melasma, Freckles, Age spots

What is Melasma / Freckles / Age spots?

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    It is one of the most common pigmentation disease which is caused by over-creation of melanin gathered on cheek bones and cheek area which makes the skin color dark and messy.
    This is very common among females in ages around 30~40s. Melasma usually appears light brown or dark brown on cheekbone area. Also, this does not disappear naturally once it is formed due to hormones. It is important to start the treatment for improvement of pigmentation as soon as possible or the area will spread out to the whole face.

  • Freckles


    Freckles are small flat brown marks that is about 5-6 mm arising on the face and other sun exposed areas such as upper arms, cheek or chest. They are most often seen in fair skinned people.

  • Age Spot


    These can be easily found on people who are aged over 40s due to skin being exposed to UV rays for a long period.
    It looks like a brown mole and commonly found among aged people.
    However, for those who enjoy outdoor activities, it can occur to young people as well due to heavy exposure to UV rays.
    These will never disappear naturally and will spread out with advancing years.

Causes of Melasma,
Freckles and Age Spots

The cause of Melasma, Freckles, and Age spots
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    Female hormones

    Estrogen, which is the female hormone, causes melanin creation that forms freckles or melasma.
    It usually occurs when there are some changes in female hormones due to pregnancy or taking birth control pill.

  2. 2

    UV rays

    UV rays have waves that stimulate melanin creation, thus long time exposure leads to skin pigmentation.
    The reason why it is more severe during summer is because of the UV rays.

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    Immunity system is affected by stress which also stimulates melanin creation.

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    Genetic factors

    If a family member has freckles or melasma, then the possibility rate increases.

Treatment Methods

  1. METHOD 01


    Synergy effect of removing waste and dead skin cytos before the laser treatment which leaves no irritation on skin.
    Special spiral tip is used for dead skin cyto and sebum removal which leads to blackhead removal.
    This ultimately supplies glycerin nutrient to promote skin regeneration.

  2. METHOD 02


    Arbutin and glutathione ingredients prevent skin pigmentation and reproduction of melanin.
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