‘Nose’, It is Important to Find the Right Angle for Myself


‘Nose’, It is Important to Find the Right Angle for Myself




There is a statement saying, ‘the face completes the fashion’, which means that the first impression is very important these days. There are many people visiting the plastic surgery clinic. The majority of the patients are the students who just started winter vacation and people ready get a job interview. Patients who come for the consultation are very concerned and spend a lot of time improving their appearance. 


Nose is located in center of the face, so it plays a great role in determining the person’s impression. Also, many people get Rhinoplasty to improve their image because it can give a new impression depending on the different angel. Therefore, many people with lowflat nose consider Rhinoplasty in order to have defined and sophisticated look. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery. However, since it has a significant change on overall face, it may look unnatural if the proportion, balance and harmony are not well considered, thus it requires careful awareness. There are many types of Rhinoplasty, such as hump nose, bulbous nose, flat nose and other types. The surgical method may vary depending on the condition of the individuals. Wonjin has mentioned, “As plastic surgery becomes more positively recognized, many people are looking for special discount eventscheaper prices rather than collecting the professional information about the surgery. However, it is important to have surgery from the medical team with broad experience.”


If the surgery is determined just by the price, the satisfaction can be a failure and revision surgery may require due to side effects, thus the surgery should be decided more carefully. If the person insists on only with the high nose bridge and sharp nose tip without considering the facial proportion and balance, the result may lead to very unnatural look. Therefore, the experts have advised that it is important to look natural by accomplishing the facial balance and naturalness. Wonjin has mentioned, “It is important to create a sophisticated and three-dimensional line from the forehead to the nose, but not just heightening the nose with an implant.”


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