“Desire for Beauty - Gangnam Plastic Surgery Street”



KBS Documentary ‘3 Days’

444th Episode “Desire for Beauty”


On Sunday, March 13th, Wonjin Beauty Medical Group was broadcasted on KBS2 Documentary ‘3 Days’ in the episode of “Desire for Beauty”. 

It became a big issue around the broadcast and within the plastic surgery clinics that plastic surgery was presented as a documentary. 

The program was about the stories of people visiting the plastic surgery clinics for their desire to become beautiful. The number of demand is increasing in today’s world, where the appearance became an important qualification of oneself. 


Gangnam is the place where the concentration of plastic surgery clinics is formed. 35% of all plastic surgery clinics in Korea are located and 70% of all plastic surgery clinics in Seoul are located in Ganagnam. Many people are heading straight to Gangnam for plastic surgeries and this documentary broadcasted about people’s 72 hours, who chose clinics in Gangnam for their plastic surgery.


Recording History

The shooting proceeded at Wonjin Clinic for about 72 hours (3 nights and 4 days). During this time, a lot of customer and patients have visited Wonjin, which surprised the crew members. The shooting were able to finish well with the cooperation from many employees and customers from numerous plastic surgery clinics.

“With the best skill and aesthetic technique,
WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic will cheer you on your wonderful future”