[Opening ceremony] Wonjin Beauty Medical Group opened in Thailand


Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has officially opened the hospital in late August in Thailand. Thailand Wonjin hospital is located in Thailand Centrall Embassy, operating a plastic surgery consultation center and Medinent (permanent make-up) center.



In the event, many entertainment industry officials including MC, models, and celebrities have participated in the opening ceremony of Thailand Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. Also, there were many Medias and reporters to cover the events. With mass of guests in the event, we were able to feel the great interest and awareness of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group and cosmetic surgery in Korea. 



In addition, plastic surgery design performance was done by Dr. Park Wonjin, who is the representative director of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. Also, one of our participant who is living a new life after undergoing plastic surgery attended the event to prove the advanced technology of plastic surgery in Korea. These performances made a great appeal to many guests and parties who have attended the opening event. 



The main reason of Wonjin Beauty Medical group launched in Thailand is because Thailand is a fast-growing country in cosmetic and beauty industry, with variety of races living together. Due to the effect, many of people are interested in cosmetic surgery and actually undergo surgery. Since Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has opened in Thailand, it had opened an opportunity to introduce the technology of plastic surgery in Korea.




It is one of common fact that most of women in the world are into beauty, as well as many women in Thailand, who are very much interested in permanent make-up procedure. In addition to that, cosmetics from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, such as Dr. Jin and Cellium are drawing great attention and look forward to expand the plastic surgery market in Thailand.


“With the best skill and aesthetic technique,
WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic will cheer you on your wonderful future”