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My plastic surgery story

I arrived in Korea yesterday and was taken to my consultation immediately.

I was so excited! When I headed towards the clinic, it was in the middle of the bustling but beautiful Gangnam St. and I got to enjoy the sights on my way. When I arrived, I was greeted by Ms. Moon, the translator, and was welcomed very warmly. As I walked through the clinic, I saw how beautiful and shiny everything was! I saw a lot of pretty girls walking in and out and that made me feel good about coming here.
I was greeted politely by many of the receptionists and staff and was taken to my consultant. She was so lovely~ She knew very much what she was talking about, and immediately saw my concerns. She was very fun and bubbly too. I took lots of xrays and ran tests on my heart, blood type, etc. which made me feel like Wonjin is very thorough. The doctor was my final consultant and showed me in Millimeters what my procedures would be like. I look forward to my procedures tomorrow and can't wait to become a pretty girl!"

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    3 days after
    Today I walked quite a bit! I had been taking a taxi to the clinic but I found the strength to walk and even find a bookstore afterwards. They removed the stitches under my nose and I was so surprised to find it didn't hurt a bit! I expected to cry but it was so quick and the nurse was so gentle. After walking, I noticed a dramatic decrease in swelling. I'm so happy! My bruises have turned yellow now, and my cheeks are shrinking little by little. The closer to recovered I am, the harder it is for me to sleep sitting up. I find myself sometimes trying to sleep on my side. I have to scold myself and prop back up again kekeke.

    7 days after
    I was so surprised how much more I could breath afterwards! It was gentle as usual because the nurses at Wonjin are very good. The doctor checked how my nose is doing and things are going smoothly. He is very funny lol. I always laugh when he comes to check on me. My lower face is still so swollen like a melon. I went for a facial massage later on in the day and it was so relaxing. My condition has gotten so much better today and my swelling definitely decreased. I'm getting so tired of not being able to chew though. I miss wearing makeup and being able to eat meat. >< I can't wait to be beautiful >_<

    2 weeks after
    The anesthesia hurt! It was one of the more tough appointments but the good news is I can eat more food now! yayy~ Within a couple of hours of not having my stitches in, my face seemed to slim instantly! I look more like a doll now. I'm very happy. I'm going to miss everyone at Wonjin because they were all very kind to me. My favorite doctor was the specialist for my nose. He did such a good job and he's funny too. The nurse was also very sweet. She told me to come back to Korea next year kekeke~ My profile is perfect now and my jaw line is feminine. There are so many things that are different from my previous experiences with cosmetic surgeons in America. Where Wonjin subtracted fat, there was no scar left, while my old doctor in America left very big ugly scars. Under my nose, you can't see any scar anymore, but before the doctor at Wonjin fixed it, it was big and crooked. When my old doctor injected fat into my face, he left bruises and lumps. But doing these things at Wonjin, I found my recovery to be quick and scar free. I was so self conscious of my features before but now I feel like I can walk around with a big smile on my face! ^0^ I know that so many people back home won't recognize me because I'm much prettier than before, and it's only been two weeks! Anyone who is recovering from surgery, please be patient! Healing takes time. If I look this pretty already, I can't wait to see what I look like in one year. :3 I'm rooting for anyone who decides to come to Wonjin. You won't regret it~♪

MY PLASTIC SURGERY STORY [1 MONTH'S AFTER][1 months later] Steadily becoming sharp face

plastic surgery one month after photo

My mother said I look so young now. That made me happy. My father said he doesn't quite understand plastic surgery but whatever they did made me beautiful! I hadn't told my aunt and uncle yet and they knew my face was different right away. One time recently, an old friend saw me but told a friend "I thought it was her, but I guess it's someone else." I guess I really had a dramatic change! I'm so surprised, my recovery was so fast. Although I have a patch around my lip that's a little bit numb, my entire face has feeling. I was also surprised by that because I read a lot of other people were numb for a very long time. I guess I just had a very skilled doctor kekeke. I still have a little trouble chewing things like hard candy, but I can eat things like meat already. My little sister recently walked up to me and said "I hope that I'll grow up to be as pretty as you." I almost felt like telling her, go to Wonjin and you will be ahaha.

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MY PLASTIC SURGERY STORY [3 MONTH'S AFTER][3 months later] Steadily becoming sharp face

My plastic surgery story 3month's after

Hello everybody! Wow, I can't believe how fast time is moving.

I'm running out of things to say because everything feels so normal now.
I guess that's a good thing ^^ Today was thanksgiving and I ate so much food! Including lots of stuff you need to chew and I have no problem.
I dressed up for a party with my friends and had a very big smile on my face because I feel confident. I feel like I can wear pretty clothes now and it suits me.
I wish I could visit all the wonderful people at Wonjin again. Everyone was so kind, and I'll never forget my experience there. I hope that anyone reading this can rest assured that they will be very happy to visit Wonjin.

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MY PLASTIC SURGERY STORY [3 MONTH'S AFTER][3 months later] Steadily becoming sharp face

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plastic surgery story 3month's after photo

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