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My plastic surgery story

Hello. It’s me again

Hi guys! I am back again! After I done with my two jaw surgery at Wonjin, and I decided to do a rhinoplasty.
I am not very happy with my curved and ugly nose like my two jaws before. I was thinking to have a rhinoplasty not only for cosmetic purpose but also functional reasons.
I went to the other plastic surgery center for consultation and I asked about ENT doctor due to I have some nose functional problem. However, they just snort about my questions.
This is why I chose Wonjin that they have an ENT doctor as well. My nose is not that flat, so I am going to put light silicone implant to make my nose bridge little higher and straight and connect with tip area with my ear and nose cartilage. Please countdown with me to see my brand new nose ^^

after surgery photo

MY PLASTIC SURGERY STORY [DAILY]Best korean plastic surgery before and after

  • NAME : Pretty princess
    SURGERY TYPE : Nose, Thread Lifting
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    3 days after

    3 days after, I look like a crucian carp ㅠ.ㅠ.
    I just done rhinoplasty with face thread lifting together.
    The thing what I did while surgery is sleeping. When I woke up, the surgery was done. hahahaha I did my operation under a general anesthesia. I feel little dizzy after done the surgery. However, all the nurses in the recovery room are very nice and kind so I could go home earlier. After face lifting, my face was wrapped in a bandage which makes me very stuffy. T.T
    Since, I got easy to swelling and brusing, I look worst for last 3 days..
    I don’t feel eating anything for last 3 days.. ahhh…. Now I am almost exhausting… Anyway, after time goes, I am getting prettier so it’s okay.

    7 days after

    My swelling and bruising goes down really fast~.
    Now I look like a human. I removed the entire bandage today! OMG!! Look!
    My face line has been tightening! I still can’t believe all the my sagging chin and jaw line has been lifted up. Oh! and then I removed the stitches inside of nose too! It was sting little bit…..T.T
    I got curved nose so I have to wear my nose splint few more days than others. I really want to take off this nose case, but I will wait for my new straight nose. This is my selfie while I am waiting for follow up treatment. I think my nose height is similar as before, but my image has been totally changed.
    I still have swelling for my nose tip area, but its okay. It is only a week!!!! I can’t wait till next week to remove my nose splint! Yay!!

    2 weeks after,

    Hello! After I removed the nose splint, I get back to work right away. Isn’t it amazing?
    All of my co-workers said my nose looks so natural and well defined :)
    I think I was more like cute and baby image. However, after rhinoplasty surgery I look more like woman. Now, people said I look pretty, luxury and mature! In week 2, I removed the plastic case inside of my nose that was hold the my nose shape after the surgery.
    I feel so fresh on breathing and feel so comfortable. My curved nose was corrected. OMG!!!! I have straight nose!! I did photoshop everytime to correct my curved nose but no more photoshope from this point!

MY PLASTIC SURGERY STORY [1 MONTH'S AFTER][1 months later] Steadily becoming sharp face

plastic surgery one month after photo

The swelling get down more and more than last time. Now, I can touch and wash my nose without any pain. It is amazing I did rhinoplasty last month already. Time goes so fast. Now, I understand why people do rhinoplaty! Every time, I looked in the mirror with surprise. My overall image has been changed particularly, when I have photo shootings.

plastic surgery after photo
plastic surgery before photo

MY PLASTIC SURGERY STORY [3 MONTH'S AFTER][3 months later] Steadily becoming sharp face

My plastic surgery story 3month's after


At three months after my rhinoplaty, majority of the swelling is gone.
My nose looks so natural even though I had a rhinoplaty. If I didn’t say the thing, nobody will knows.
Now, my curved nose become close to straight and after face lifting, my sagging chin and jaw area were lifted up. I am so happy with my V-line.
I feel happy even though my friends asked me where I get done the plastic surgery. In recent days, I heard ‘pretty’ a lot. I usually cover my face with heavy make-ups to cover my complex.
Now I have a big confidence on my face after the surgery. Thank you so much for everything WONJIN~!

3months after surgery photo

MY PLASTIC SURGERY STORY [3 MONTH'S AFTER][3 months later] Steadily becoming sharp face

PLASTIC SURGERY BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTO'S[3 months later] plastic surgery after photo’s

plastic surgery story 3month's after photo

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