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My plastic surgery story

It’s finally the day!!

It’s finally the day of surgery! This is the day I have been waiting for but why am I so anxious.. I couldn’t sleep well last night and here I am getting ready for surgery.. I heard that the surgery room is kept cool for sanitary purposes. I tried to keep my cool, but I was actually really anxious and began to shiver! The helpful nurse kindly covered me with a blanket. The anesthesiologist told me everything would be fine..and that’s when I fell asleep..I slept soundly and when the nurse woke me up I was very surprised.. I had difficulty breathing through my nose and my face was wrapped in bandages. I smiled and asked the nurse how my surgery went. She told me it must have gone well because I was the first person she saw that could smile right after surgery.. I was in the recovery room for 4 hours and then transferred to my room. The nurses carefully explained to me what I am supposed to do. I was dizzy and tired all day.

after surgery photo

MY PLASTIC SURGERY STORY [DAILY]Best korean plastic surgery before and after

  • NAME :Han Soo Hyun
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    3 days
    I had difficulty sleeping the second night as well. My nose keeps swelling and it’s still hard to breathe. I got my mouth cleaned and rubber bands replaced. I can’t move my mouth and it hurt even more. I can see some bruising in my forehead and eyes. It was very difficult to talk through the wires. The nurse saw that I was without a guardian and asked me why I didn’t call anyone. I could not hold back the tears and began to cry. The head nurse warmly tried to cheer me up. To be honest, I did not want to cause my parents to worry and so I would only send them cheerful text messages..however at night I wanted to see them so much I would start crying again. I’m quite a cold person.. When I look back I wonder if I made the right choice. However, I know that if my parents saw me in this condition it would only make them sad, and so I told myself to be strong and carry on. I finally get discharged from the clinic tomorrow I reminded myself as I walked around the halls slowly alone.

    1 week
    I am pleased with how my swelling is healing. However, these bruises make me appear weird;; My friend told me that beef is good at healing bruises so I went to the store and bought some hanwoo. I placed it on my bruises and fell asleep..30 minutes later I looked in the mirror and I almost fainted! I saw myself covered with beef and it was quite the sight. I called my friend to speak my mind and she told me I was supposed to use thinly sliced beef..I guess I went a little overboard hehe. I washed my face, ate some delicious pumpkin porridge, watched a comedy show and just relaxed. These days everyday is a comedy.

    2 weeks
    Yahoo! I finally get my forehead bandage removed today! While mouth washing this morning I noticed a stitch had come out. I was very worried about any potential scars while healing. I went to the clinic and the nurse assured me that my scars were healing well. I finally got the stitches in my mouth removed. I knew it would be painful and I readied myself as much as I could. Even so, once they started removing the stitches I had tears welling up in my eyes. I was so relieved when they were finally done! Next, I went to get my forehead bandage removed. I felt double the relief after I got it removed!! I learned about mouth and jaw exercises and how to change my rubber bands. I had a long day, but as I left the clinic I felt at ease and so much more comfortable! Now that I got my stitches removed I can start brushing my teeth! ^^

MY PLASTIC SURGERY STORY [1 MONTH'S AFTER][1 months later] Steadily becoming sharp face

plastic surgery one month after photo

Today is finally one month after my surgery! To celebrate today I met my good friend and went to my favorite cafe the Coffee Bean. I ordered a green tea frappuccino instead of coffee and enjoying chatting with my friend. Maybe it’s because of the feel-good endorphins but my swelling seems to be reducing nicely! My friend told me I look prettier and I was filled with delight! I’m going take this good feeling, practice my mouth opening exercises even harder, and cheer on. I can do it! Yes!!

plastic surgery after photo
plastic surgery before photo

MY PLASTIC SURGERY STORY [3 MONTH'S AFTER][3 months later] Steadily becoming sharp face

My plastic surgery story 3month's after

I got braces~^^

After first getting my upper teeth braces I then got braces for my bottom teeth! Having braces definitely interferes with when I am eating. I am so busy going to the bathroom to clean my teeth! I can now eat a variety of foods and it’s been 3 months since my surgery! It’s been a tough 3 months, but I feel much more confident and am proud of how I look. I really like when people I meet for the first time comment on how small my face is. This is proof that my complex is now gone~hehe I went to the clinic for a checkup. I still have 6 months to 1 year to completely heal but I can’t wait how I will look at that time!!

3months after surgery photo

MY PLASTIC SURGERY STORY [3 MONTH'S AFTER][3 months later] Steadily becoming sharp face

PLASTIC SURGERY BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTO'S[3 months later] plastic surgery after photo’s

plastic surgery story 3month's after photo

ANOTHER PLASTIC SURGERY STORY'Skorean plastic surgery before and after photo’s