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Here is information about orthodontics

Individually customized and effective postoperative two jaw surgery orthodontics

Are corrective orthodontics required after two jaw surgery?
Because two jaw surgery involves fractured bones, the upper and lower jaws can move location. Therefore, to correct this as well as bite correction, orthodontics is required.

Orthodontics duration : Non tooth extraction: 8~10 months with tooth extraction, 15~18 months
Clinic visits : 1 time a month

Postoperative Orthodontics
WONJIN’s Postoperative Orthodontics Key Points
A variety of selection in orthodontic devices
After surgery we have more than one kind of corrective orthodontic device. We offer customized orthodontics depending on the individual to get you the most satisfactory results.
Over 25 years of corrective orthodontics experience
Our team has over 25 years of corrective orthodontics experience. We have much know-how that can only be gained from expert research and dedication. Our orthodontics will get you the results you want.
Total Cooperative Care
After surgery we have cooperation from the oral and maxillofacial surgery clinic, orthodontic clinic, and plastic surgery clinic to provide accurate status checks and treatment.
Postoperative Orthodontics! What is the difference with regular orthodontics?
WONJIN’s individualized Post Two Jaw surgery Corrective Orthodontics
2D Orthodontics Incognito Damon/Clippy-C Regular Braces
Description The smallest lateral corrective braces Individualized lateral corrective braces The frictional force that interferes with tooth alignment has been remarkably reduced The most commonly used braces
Advantages Aesthetically pleasing because braces are not visible/ Very little discomfort / Little pronunciation changes / Correction period is remarkably shorter Aesthetically pleasing because braces are not visible / Decreased discomfort / Little pronunciation changes Shorter timeframe compared to other orthodontics / Less pain / Easier to manage oral hygiene because there are no brackets or wires Inexpensive price, high effectiveness
Price Relatively reasonable and inexpensive price Individualized and relatively expensive price Relatively inexpensive but higher price than regular braces The most inexpensive price
Two Jaw Surgery