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Introducing WONJIN Plastic Surgery

Commitment to you
WONJIN Beauty Medical Group
The wondrous effect of Korean Plastic Surgery
Experience the finest touch of WONJIN
  • Fully Accredited Surgeons

    Using the Finest Technique

  • 19 Years of numerous surgical Experience

    The Key to Satisfactory Results

  • We accommodate you

    Full-service & personalized care system

  • High Quality Medical System

  • Minimal Recovery Time

    With a thorough After-Care Service

  • With Safety Comes Trust

    An Exclusive 1:1 Anesthesia System

Wonjin’s Differentiation

Medical service from the beginning to end with more than 40 medical specialists in each field Wonjin is ready to provide variety of treatments with our many years of clinical experiences and know-how.

  • 01. AnesthesiaHigh-tech Anesthesia System by Exclusive Anesthesiology
  • 02. ExaminationSmart Examination System for an Accurate Surgery
  • 03. SafetyNext-generation Safety System for Safe Surgery
  • 04. Satisfaction1:1 Customized Customer Satisfaction System
  • 05. CareTotal Care System for Fast Recovery

01. Anesthesia

Considering patients’ safety during surgery using cutting edge anesthesia system

  • BAIR Hugger body temperature maintainerBAIR Hugger body temperature maintainer
  • Anesthesia equipment authorized by Korean FDAAnesthesia equipment authorized by Korean FDA
  • Use high quality anesthetic drugs and equipmentUse high quality anesthetic drugs and equipment
  • Specialized anesthesiologistSpecialized anesthesiologist

Ability to Cope with Emergency Situation

The only medicine for malignant high fever

  • * Dantrolene Retained :

    In very rare case, malignant high fever may occur on patient to raise body temperature abruptly and cause arrhythmia. Dantrolene is the only medicine that is able to cure the symptom, and Wonjin is equipped with Dantrolene for emergency situation.
  • * Bridion :

    Wonjin provides Bridion, the medicine that only general hospital is equipped with for patients who have difficulty breathing during the surgery. With Bridion, Wonjin patients are able to have the surgery in safer operation situation.

02. Examination

Smart Examination System for precise surgical analysis

  • X-ray[X-ray]
    Scanning for basic information of bone structure
  • X-ray for chest[X-ray for chest]
    Heart and lung examination
  • 3D-CT[3D-CT]
    Detail oriented analysis of patient’s frame
  • X-ray[Clinical Pathology]
    General Medical Checkup before surgery

03. Safety

The next generation safety system for safe surgery

  • Systematic surgery system with many experiences and know-howSystematic surgery system with many experiences and know-how
  • Safe aseptic operation roomSafe aseptic operation room
  • Equipped with uninterruptible power suppliesEquipped with uninterruptible power supplies
  • Established central control management systemEstablished central control management system

04. Satisfaction

From the very beginning, WONJIN is with you for our customer satisfaction

Specialized surgeons
[Specialized surgeons] 8 department surgeons hold regular cooperation meetings on Friday and discuss every single detail of cosmetic and effective surgery
  • Exclusive planner[Exclusive planner]
    Trained medical planners provide the best consultation and warm service
  • 24 hour call center [24 hour call center]
    To provide better service and listen to clients' concerns, we run a 24 hour call center
  • Exclusive manager [Exclusive manager]
    After care manager provides one on one service of appointments and treatment from surgery day to end
  • Recovery center [Recovery center]
    After surgery, we provide special care from professional therapists

05. Care

After surgery for Minimal Recovery Time a Thorough After-Care Service

  • BAIR Hugger body temperature maintainer[Ultrasonic waves]
    Massage effect through pain relief
  • BAIR Hugger body temperature maintainer[Miracle jet]
    Equipment for blood circulation using concentrated oxygen
  • BAIR Hugger body temperature maintainer[Infrared rays]
    Eliminate waste from the body
  • BAIR Hugger body temperature maintainer[High frequency]
    Equipment for skin rejuvenation