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TitleChange Physiognomy with Nose Surgery?
Author WONJIN Data2014-01-23Views 2276

The nose is the center of the face as well as the area that establishes a person’s appearance.

And if the nostrils show, it is said that the physiognomy of that person is not a wealth gathering one. The nose affects the image and
physiognomy very much. For a person with short nose, when the nostrils show, it is called a raised nose.

Also known as a snout, the nose cannot be raised for an ideal nose shape. If the nose is short and the tip is very much raised, then it is
complicated to just insert an implant, so the length must also be increased so that it looks harmonious with the entire face.

For short noses, the nose tip cartilage does not sink down naturally and the due to the raised top cartilage, the nostrils may be more exposed.
The extent to which the nose can be lengthened depends on the skin elasticity, thickness, and state of the cartilage.

Dr. Wonjin Park, of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, states that “when performing a short nose surgery, unless the nose is raised way too muchtoo
short, autologous skin can be grafted in between the cartilage wings and septal cartilage to increase the nose length. And if the nose is raised
a lot, then using autologous skin is not enough to lengthen the nose length. In this case, the nose tip cartilage and nose mid cartilage should be
separated, and after pulling the lower area, graft septal cartilage so that it can act as a support so that the tip cannot go back upwards.”

Nose lengthening surgeries are called the flower of nose surgeries, due to its complicated methods, in which the results depend on the experience and know-how of the surgeon. In general, the skin on the nose tip is firm and not very elastic, so there are certain risks if the implant is forced in, such as redness and a visible implant. The best way to get the most natural and beautiful nose is to receive a thorough consultation and not be

“With the best skill and aesthetic technique, WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic will cheer you on your wonderful future”


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