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TitleWonjin Plastic Surgery presents High Elasticity ‘Wint Lift’
Author WONJIN Data2016-08-19Views 1404
V-shaped jawline appears to be the current standard of beauty, and indubitably rising in popularity amongst men and women across all ages.

The skin has the tendency to lose its elasticity with age as the muscles beneath loses its tension. Moreover, dehydration of the skinthe ability for water retention decreases, which enhances the aging process and the formation of wrinkles becomes prominent. Inevitably, this can make people look weary and dull, and more often than not emit negative impressions. The stresses that come from aged skin are not limited to those in the middle-age bracket but also to those in their twenties as well.

High-end cosmetic products, facial masks, and massage therapies are all popular sought-after remedies, but the efficacy of them are rather temporary. Consequently, interests in ‘V-line Lifting’ treatments are on the uproar since it is far less invasive than ‘Facial Contouring’ surgeries.

‘V-line Lifting’ is an effective anti-aging treatment that works by pulling the muscles beneath the skin to create tautness of the saggingwrinkly skin. It is recommended for those who are bothered by wrinkles and skin folds on their facial complexion.

Recently, Wonjin Plastic Surgery showcased a major advancement in the method for facelifts. A primary upgrade has been made from ‘Mint Lift’ to Wonjin’s high elasticity ‘Wint Lift’. This modified method has been officially approved and certified by the MFDS and the American FDA. The barbed absorbable threads, formerly used for ‘Mint Lifts’, have been modified to enhance the strength and stability to effectively flatten unwanted wrinkles and skinfolds. The contouring effects that Botox and fillers cannot achieve can be attained by ‘Wint Lifting’. This treatment is gaining popularity due to its non-invasive method and its short procedure time.

According to an associate of Wonjin Plastic Surgery, “the preceding thread lifts smoothened minor wrinkles and created firm elasticity of the skin. However, rectification of deep skin folds and major wrinkles, rejuvenation of skin, and prominent V-line can be achieved by the ‘Wint Lift’ treatment”.

“With the best skill and aesthetic technique, WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic will cheer you on your wonderful future”


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