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Medinent's Permanent Procedure

“Permanent” is a procedure that inserts pigments into the outer layer of the skin and is divided into 2 categories

- Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up (PCM), and
- Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC).

Permanent Cosmetic Make-up (PCM)

PCM is strongly recommended for those who

  • Feel putting on make-up every day is inconvenient or gets erased easily from sweating
  • Have cosmetics allergies or sensitive skin
  • Feel themselves are not skilled in putting on make-up
  • Enjoy swimming or exercising
  • Got a tattoo in the past but is not satisfied or the tattoo has become discolored
  • Have a large forehead or have an “M” shaped hairline
  • Have dark colored or too faint areolas

Also known as semi permanent make up, Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up inserts pigments into the outer layer of the skin which creates the effect of having make-up on. The pigments inserted into the outer layer of the skin from the permanent procedure, will in time, clear out, and in 2~3 years, it will naturally disappear and remain semi permanent. The main feature is that it uses pigments that match the skin tone which will look natural and bring out the facial contour, adding the effect of a slight touch of make-up and a more defined appearance.

Recently, having an unpainted face has become the conversation topic among women who want to appear beautiful without having to put on make-up, causing permanent make-up to rise to popularity. Permanent make-up has the effect of having a perfect make-up on with simple skin make-up and also avoids thick make up which helps create healthier skin.

Eyebrow, Eye line, Lip line, and Hair line procedures are most common for Permanent Cosmetic Make-up but Medinent is trying to expand its field by fixing faulty semi permanent make-up, modifying tattoos, revisions, correcting unnaturalness after surgeries, removing scars, etc.

The Advantages of Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up

  • 1.Evens out the eyes, nose, and lips, to give off an orderly image, improving the appearance.
  • 2.The pigmentation permeates through the outer layer of the skin, making the naked face look like it has make-up on.
  • 3.Decreases the amount of time spent on putting on make-up.
  • 4.Uses only the best natural pigment so that it is safe from heavy metal or chemical substances, and also helps avoid thick make-up for healthier skin.
  • 5.Disappears 2~3 years later, allowing one to keep up with the trend and look sophisticated.

Corrective Pigment Camouflage (CPC)

CPC is strongly recommended for those who

  • Got stretch marks from a sudden increase in weight or height, or child birth
  • Are stressed from conspicuous scars or burn scars
  • Need areola reconstruction due to an injury or cancer treatment
  • Have partial baldness and would like an abundant amount of hair but feel receiving a hair transplant is burdensome.

Corrective pigment camouflage procedures are similar to PCM’s, except that it is not for aesthetic purposes but for revising skin pigments, treating diseases and reforming symptoms.

Usually, the procedure treats leukoplakia, stretch marks, scars, burn scars, baldness and performs areolar reconstruction. In case of baldness, each strand of hair is planted naturally into the sparse area to make it seem fuller. It also fixes parts of leukoplakia, stretch marks, scars and burn scars that are noticeable due to the difference in color from the regular skin tone by adjusting the pigment so that it is less conspicuous.

Areolar reconstruction is for those who got injured or have received surgery, or for those who received surgery but want a pigment correction. For the most natural look, the areolar area is expressed with a specialized three dimensional line and color, bringing high satisfaction to the patients.
Medical permanent is for diseases, treatment of injuries and alleviation of symptoms so it may intensely stimulate or damage the skin, which is likely to leave a scar. Especially because this is a procedure that injects pigments, skin damage caused by a faulty surgical method may leave a scar or cause discoloration, which could worsen the symptoms.

The patient must undergo a proper procedure in a hospital with a formally trained medical staff for symptom alleviation. Additionally, it is necessary to prevent infectious side effects in an environment with a sanitary structural system, receive an accurate diagnosis and then determine the appropriate surgical method and time period for a safe procedure.

The Advantages of Corrective Pigment Camouflage

  • 1.Compared to laser treatments, there is less pain and is simpler.
  • 2.There is no need for a recovery period and the result is available right after the procedure.
  • 3.This procedure is for patients who feel surgeries are burdensome.

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