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Medinent : Medical +Permanent

Medinent is a professional hospital that performs both Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up for beauty and Corrective Pigment Camouflage which helps with the treatment of diseases and symptom improvement.

Medinent's Special System

A Trendy Design Perfectly Done by an Artist
Designers who obtained a global educational license consider the overall image of the face, contour, make-up preferences and trend to come up with an individualized design. Additionally, the patient will be highly satisfied and be able to feel the positive changes in their appearances.
  • Professional design by globally renowned designers
  • Image enhancement effect through customized design.
  • High satisfaction through consideration of personalized taste and trend

A Convenient Procedure without Pain, Bleeding or Stimulation
Micro make-up uses a professional digital procedural device to consistently insert pigments into the outer layer of the skin so that it avoids discoloration from bleeding, stimulation, skin damage and scarring. Also, there are smooth, vibrating feelings during the procedure for a more comfortable experience for first time patients.
  • No skin damage or scarring
  • Roughly no clotting of pigment
  • Convenient procedure with smooth vibrations.

Professional Diagnosis and Procedures only Available at Hospitals
Semi permanent make-up is a medical procedure that must be preceded by a medical staff since it is used with needles and pigments. Additionally, the medical staff of Medinent performs correct procedures according to the skin diagnosis and in case of revisions, pigment removals are simple and naturally executed with high tech lasers.
  • Professional and accurate procedures
  • Skin condition diagnosis and procedures available simultaneously
  • Pigment removal by high tech lasers.

A Thorough and Flawless Sanitary System
Since the pigment is injected directly into the skin, there is a high rate of infection if a contaminated device is used. Additionally, Medinent uses a sterilizer exclusively to sterilize all devices before use, and for all procedures, sterilized disposable needles and gloves are strictly used to prevent and minimize infectious side defects.
  • A sterilizer used specifically for procedural machines
  • Use of sterilized disposable needles
  • Staff wears disposable gloves in every procedure

Safe Natural Pigments for Cancer Patients
After testing for heavy metals and chemical substances, Medinent uses natural pigments accredited from TUV, Germany, the place of origin and E.U. This pigmentation is a natural pigmentation which was originally used to bring back cancer patients, burn patients, leukoplakia patients their confidence. Kept in a sterile case, it is a safe pigmentation which avoids discoloration, even considering health.
  • TUV and E.U. accreditation after chemical substances and heavy metal tests
  • No discoloration due to the use of natural pigmentation brought from a plant.
  • Safe from infection due to the first sterilized case ever to be developed world wide.

Regular Medical Staff Educational System
Medinent uses Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up for beauty purposes and Corrective Pigment Camouflage for treatment purposes. Additionally, through a consistent educational system, the medical staff is able to regularly learn advanced skills, study the correct procedural methods and research the safety system.
  • Permanent procedures for treatment purposes and training
  • Procedures for health and beauty
  • Procedures through regular medical staff training

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