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Men's Eye Surgery

Surgery Information

Men's Eye Surgery

  • Method: Customized Double Eyelid/Canthoplasty Surgery
  • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia (almost no pain)
  • Duration: App. 1 hr ~ 1 hr 30 min.
  • Stitch Removal: 5-7 days after
  • Clinic Visit: 2 times (dressing/stitch removal)
  • Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity after stitch removal
Men's Eye Surgery
The factors to consider when designing men's eyes are very much different to women's eyes. Men’s eye surgery is pretty different from normal eye plastic surgery and requires sophisticated skills as it should derive very natural and image improvement considering the overall facial balance.
Most men prefer to have thin and unnoticeable line after eye surgery for natural looking, but every individual person have their own double eyelid height and angle that are suitable for their own face. You will be able to derive satisfactory results with enriched experience specialists throughout consultation here at Wonjin.


It is rare to find any male patients who wear make-up compared to female patients, thus it is extremely important to choose the right type of procedure that leaves minimal to no scars. Consequently, we advise our patients to choose the best suitable surgical method with the right eyelid surgery specialist who has many years of experience in the field.