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Thick Eyelid Type

Surgery Information

Thick Eyelid Type

  • Method: Partial/Full Incision
  • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia
  • Duration: App. 30 min. to 1 hour
  • Stitch Removal: 2-7 days after
  • Clinic Visit: 2 times
  • Recovery Period: Return to everyday activity after stitch removal

Thick Eyelid Type

Double eyelid surgery for thick eyelids can often pose some difficulties, and thus it is important to have this surgery done by a well-experienced surgeon.
Wonjin’s surgeons are the best in this field, thus our customer satisfaction has been constantly very high.

Patients with excessive fat tissues or thick muscles may possess thick eyelids. More often than not, the eyes may look puffy and swollen if the surgery is poorly performed. Thus, moderate amount of fat and muscles should be removed on thick eyelids. Small amount of fat can be removed by non-incision methods, but incision methods would derive better result for patients having relatively thick skin and muscles. Partial or full incision methods are typically used, and our experienced surgeons determine the design by checking the amount of fat and muscle tissues, the shape of eye bone, and also type of skin.

Eyelid Surgery Method for Thick Eyelid Type

  • Individually customized Eyelid Surgery planned by specialist STEP 01
    Our surgeons plan and customize each inidividuals eyelid surgery

    Our seasoned surgeon determines the thickness of the skin, the amount of fats and muscles on eyelid, and proceed to customize each surgery whilst considering the patients' desires.

  • Designing ideal line STEP 02
    Designing the ideal line

    Individual patients' eye shape and personal desires are considered to design an ideal double eyelid line, shape, and height.

  • Customized incision method according to skin type STEP 03
    Eyelid Incision

    Either partial or full incision will be made depending on the patient’s skin type. A smooth and streamline incision will be made according to the design.

  • After surgery STEP 04
    Removing unnecessary fat tissues and muscles

    Adequate amount of unnecessary fat and muscle is removed.

  • After surgery STEP 05
    Finalize to minimize scars

    Clean and delicate suturing of the incision area leaves minimal scars.


Fat tissues and muscles must be removed during Double Eyelid Surgery for those who have thick eyelids to achieve the best results. However, excessive removal may cause the eyes to appear lusterless and old.