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Weight Loss Care

Weight Loss Laser Treatment

Customized fat shattering for excellent effective on abdomen obesity

Surgery Information

  • This procedure only targets fat cells without damaging the other tissues. Abdomen size can be reduced more than one inch with one hour treatment.
This treatment uses high-strength collective ultrasonic to destroy the unnecessary subcutaneous tissues without damaging or incising the skin. High density energy efficiently removes the fats by burning out only subcutaneous fats.

Ultrasonic is harmless on human body and heat occurs only on focused point which is efficient to destroy the fats without incision or general anesthesia for safe and no side effects. This treatment is very effective for those who wish to reduce the size on areas where it is hard to reduce the size without operation.

It is recommended to those who

  • Have difficulty in reducing the size especially on abdomen and love handles
  • Have abdomen fats that can be grabbed over 1 inch(2.5cm) by hand
  • Wish to focus losing abdomen weight
  • Are afraid having surgery or anesthesia or long recovery period of abdomen liposuction

Principle of the Treatment

  • 1. Mark on the treatment area to focus ultrasonic energy on desired fat layer to be removed.
  • 2. Ultrasonic energy is only focused on fat cells, thus it does not damage other cells. Destroyed fat cells will naturally discharge during metabolic activity.
  • 3. It takes 8~12 weeks for fat cells to be discharged naturally from the body. Slimmer and smoother waist line will be achieved by contraction of treated tissues after 8~12 weeks.

Principle of the Treatment

Advantages of Liposonix

  • 1. Reduce size with just one time treatment : It does not leave any scars since ultrasonic is harmless and no anesthesia or incision is required for this procedure. This procedure provides the effect of reducing 1~2 inches with one hour treatment for just one time.
  • 2. Effective treatment on bodyline improvement : Liposonix is effective on areas where the fats are easily accumulated and difficult to be removed such as abdomen, side waist, thigh, and hip areas. This allows improving the areas where it is difficult to reduce size.
  • 3. Cellulite and elasticity improvement : This treatment can be applied on the areas where cellulite is formed and saggy skin due to accumulated fats. This treatment not only removes the fat cells, but it also discharges the cellulite and increases the elasticity for smooth and tight bodyline.

Comparison of Liposuction and Liposonix

Comparison of Liposuction and Liposonix
Liposonix Liposuction operation
Approved by FDA and KFDA Approved Approved
Pain , Swelling Almost none Yes
Scar None Some
Effect Durability Semi-Permanent Effect Long-Term Effect by Fat cell removal
Fat Cell Destruction Range Destruction of fat cells only Possibility of damage on cells around
Post-operation Management Nothing in particular Wearing pressure garment and care is necessary

Precautions after the treatment

  • 1. No wound but some swelling and bruising may occur.
  • 2. It is normal to feel itchy after the treatment and it will subside soon.
  • 3. No specific care is necessary after the treatment but dietary therapy and exercise will help to achieve better effect.
Other Obesity Care Equipment [dipo]
Healthier and slimmer bodyline effect by removing hidden visceral fat The surface of the skin is maintained at cold temperature and deep fat is heat up to 42 degree to promote the proliferation of dermal collagen and remove fat and restore the resilient
The surface of the skin is maintained at cold temperature and deep fat is heat up to 42 degree to promote the proliferation of dermal collagen and remove fat and restore the resilient. Visceral fat is difficult to remove by liposuction surgery or bodyline correction treatments. However, without skin incision, fat cells are exfoliated using heat, so it is safe and also very effective at preventing adult diseases by removing visceral fat.


Treatment Features

Using adequate amount of safe materials give excellent and safe effect for all ages!

1. Treatment using adequate amount of safe materials
2. Excellent effect at improving local obesity
3. Improved effect of combination with other treatments

Recommended for those who

  • Are not satisfied with the effect from existing obesity treatments
  • Have visceral fat that cannot be grabbed by hands
  • Are concerned about cellulites on thighs and hips
  • Wish to correct bodylines by reducing the size of abdomen, thighs, and hips
What is Deep Heat?
When high-frequency passes through the body, it causes body heat by rotating, colliding, and distorting the molecules within tissue. The high-frequency energy that is transformed into body energy raises the body temperature to improve cell function, blood flow, and body defense mechanism. This ultimately revitalizes blood circulation and metabolism.

Why is visceral fat fatal?

Why is visceral fat fatal?
Why is visceral fat fatal?

Why is visceral fat fatal?

Visceral fat is excessive intra-abdominal adipose tissue accumulation. It is known as deep fat that is stored deep underneath the skin. It is actually wrapped around major organs, including the liver, pancreas and kidney. Visceral fat is dangerous because it affects the way the body operates. Carrying around excess visceral fat is linked with an increased risk for liver disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, and it causes various types of cancer.

Treatment Area

Treatment Area

The Effect of Adipo

Deep heat caused by electron collision

Increased body core temperature by high-frequency which is harmless to body leads to speed up metabolism and helps to burning fat. Deep heat reaches to dermis from the epidermis and that provides excellent effect for skin elasticity, regeneration, and lifting effect for slim body line.

M.S.F: Subcutaneous Fat Metabolism

It is effective for improving the body line in love handle and folded abdomen areas due to excessive fat amount. It is very effective at increasing subcutaneous fat temperature with electronic activity. This not only reduces fat, but it also activates blood circulation, induces skin tissue regeneration, and dissolves subcutaneous fat cells.

M.V.F: Visceral Fat Metabolism

Visceral Fat which is located in the deep inside of the internal organs needs to create bio-energy from deep side. Rigid nodule lumps are quickly dissolved and elastin and collagen are regenerated. Fat metabolism and automatic nerve are activated with blood circulation and has the effect of discharging fat through lymph.

Advantages of Adipo

  • 1. Two times higher output power than normal high-frequency : General high-frequency equipment has low output that has 2~3cm depth. However, Adipo can output two times higher than normal high-frequency equipment. Deep heat is transferred directly to the visceral fat for the excellent fat dissolving effect.
  • 2. Maintaining the temperature at over 42 degrees : Fat begins to dissolve at about 41 degrees Celsius. Adipo allows 42 degrees to be delivered and maintains at the same level for the effective result. The fat discharges promptly by promoting fat dissolving procedure.
  • 3. Visceral fat removal : Visceral fat is difficult to remove even with liposuction surgery due to the concern about damaging internal organs. Adipo can remove fat without damaging the nearby organs for the bodyline improvement and preventing adult diseases.

Treatment Process

  • Step 01. Consultation with Specialist
  • Step 02. Size and Inbody measurement
  • Step 03. Apply cream
  • Step 04. Massage on treatment area
  • Step 05. Complete the treatment and leave

Precautions after the treatment

  • 1. Drink two cups of warm water on empty stomach in the morning to help fat discharge.
  • 2. Redness, swelling, or bruising may occur on treatment area on the day after the treatment but will subside soon.
  • 3. Vegetarian diet is recommended after the treatment. The fat concentration in lymph vessel has to be lowered for the higher effect.
  • 4. Drinking alcohol or smoking or eating food that can cause swelling is prohibited.
  • 5. Massage on treatment area frequently can aid in fast recovery and fat reduction.
Other Obesity Care Equipment [Liposonix]
Customized fat destruction for excellent effect on abdomen obesity This is a high-tech medical equipment that can selectively remove fat cells by irradiating high-intensity frequency ultrasound (HIFU) from outside of the skin. Dissolved fat tissues are discharged through metabolism and has the effect of size reduction of 1~2 inches.

Wonjin's Skin Laser

Wonjin's Skin Laser


Integrated high-intensity ultrasound to examine the outside of the skin to the fat layer in high-tech medical equipment to selectively destroy only the mast cells can usually get 1-2 inch size reduction.

Fat removal, Cellulite, Lifting effect

Treatment Features

We accurately diagnose the subcutaneous fat and visceral fat in the body to customize the treatment program for each individual.

  • 1. Effective treatment through precise body type diagnosis :We check the current physical condition through tests that can pinpoint the area where fats should be removed before the treatment. Then, we provide the appropriate treatment and care program accordingly.
  • 2. Safe Equipment approved by FDA : We prevent side effects by using legal devices that are approved by FDA. This does not involve incision or other damages to the tissues of the skin by performance of trained medical staff for safe procedure using harmless high-frequency.
  • 3. Combine with other treatment for higher effect : We are equipped with various obesity care equipment that are effective, thus the effect can be maximized by providing a complex treatment depending on the patient’s body type and treatment area.