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Thread Lifting

Luceme Lifting

This procedure involves thread insertion using PDO thread which is approved by KFDA for its safety and quality. This lifting procedure will provide whitening and improved skin elasticity. Thread lifting allows delicate control of thread length, shape, and lifting direction. Unlike other procedures, immediate return to everyday activity is possible since bruising or swelling are minimized. In addition, this thread lifting has longer lasting effect.

Thread Lifting

It is recommended for those who

  1. Wish to have wrinkle and elasticity improvement
  2. Wish to have brightening effect
  3. Wish to have body contour effect

Principal of Thread Lifting

Principal of Thread Lifting

When thread is inserted to the skin, the tissues get damaged.
In the process of recovery of the damaged tissues, more cells are regenerated.
This process helps to improve elasticity of the skin allowing a long lasting effect with thread’s bearing power.
The rigid physical strength of the thread allows for the skin to retain its tension for a longer duration.

Prominent lifting effects can be shown on all types of skin without discrimination against age, and satisfactory results can be achieved for anyone from young adults to middle aged patients.

lifting Before & After



Treatment Process

  • STEP 01
    Number of threads and inserting direction will be decided depending on face shape, elasticity, and desired effect.
  • STEP 02
    Thread will be inserted to correct wrinkle, saggy skin, and face line.
  • STEP 03
    Immediate effect of improved skin elasticity with collagen regeneration.

Target Area

Target Area

Post-Operative Effect by Progress

Right after: Overall wrinkle and saggy skin improvement

  • 2~3 weeks after: Swelling subsides and indented areas disappear
  • 3~6 months after: Skin elasticity continues to increase and lower jaw line gets sharper
  • 1~2 years after: Lifting effect lasts for a long time

2. Lifting Effect by Age

Number of threads and direction differ by age to provide customized treatment to different age groups.

Lifting Effect by Age
20's Maintaining Elasticity 30's Fine Wrinkle Care 40's Deep Wrinkle Care 50's Overall Saggy Face Care
Skin Tone
Double Chin
Saggy Arms
Calf Muscle
Glabella Wrinkle
Smile line Wrinkle
Skin Elasticity
Forehead Wrinkle
Saggy Eyebrows
Saggy Cheeks
Saggy Breasts
Smile line Wrinkle Improvement
Saggy Lower Cheek
Saggy Neck
Collagen changes after lifting treatment
Collagen changes after lifting treatment

Bi-directional cog thread will firmly pull the wrinkles and saggy skins for V-line effect. Around these bi-directional cogs, skin tissues will gather to create new volumes inside the skin.

Previous lifting required incision on both sides for the balance but this thread lifting only requires one side insertion which minimizes scar and makes it possible for washing face and wearing make-up right after the treatment.

Advantage of Luceme Lifting

Advantage of Luceme Lifting
Certified by Europe CE and KFDA

Certified by Europe CE and KFDA

Luceme lifting uses safety certified medical threads by Europe CE and KFDA, made of PDO components. It is made of harmless components to human body, which shows very stable result on its use. Wonjin only uses the genuine thread which has been sterilized by E.O gas to prevent deterioration.

Customized Lifting Considering Individual Skin Condition

Customized Lifting Considering Individual Skin Condition

The customized lifting procedure modifying thread’s shape, knot, coiling method, and length by considering individual skin condition and expectation is possible. Thus, satisfying result can be achieved regardless of patient’s skin type.

Quick recovery with almost no swelling or bruising

Quick recovery with almost no swelling or bruising

It is recommended to patients who need to go back to work right after the treatment since there is almost no bruising or swelling.

Treatment Feature

Shows excellent result on wide age range with customized treatment.

  • 1. Tightening of Saggy Skin by Strong Lifting and Fixation : Saggy skin can be improved much more effectively by lifting saggy skin with square shape hooks adhered on V-360 thread.
  • 2. Excellent Result Seen from 20’s to 40’s by Customized Procedure : It is satisfying surgery for all age range from 20’s to 40’s by providing not only wrinkle improvement effect but also skin elasticity effect which all lead to small and v-line face.
  • 3. Sophisticated Skill Manipulating Lifting Direction and Power : Through understanding of skin structure and pulling the threads on right direction with right amount of power are the key points to achieve good lifting result. Lifting surgery specialists at Wonjin elicit the best lifting result considering different sagging level on different facial areas.