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Spot / Corn / Wart / Milium

Surgery Information

Spot / Corn / Wart / Milium

  • Spot, corn, wart, milium, syringoma cannot be cured naturally and need medical treatment to eliminate the cause.

What is Spot

Spot or Lentigo is a proliferation of modified melanin cells on the outer layer of skin. The exact cause is not yet known completely but it is expected that abnormality of melanin cells (the pigment generating cells) or congenital issue triggers lentigo production.

Lentigo does not incur itchiness or pain but people want to remove it for aesthetic purpose. In general, laser is widely used to eliminate lentigo cells. If the lentigo is deeply placed, you may feel like you have paved surface after lentigo removal treatment but unless it is very big, your skin cells will regenerate eventually without leaving scars.

Type of Spot or Lentigo

  • Type 1acneJunctional Nevus
  • Type 2acneComplex Nevus
  • Type 3acneInside Dermis Nevus

What is Corn

It is corn shaped, which is stuck in skin due to proliferation of dead skin cells in narrow area. Some pain can be incurred by pressing it from top and you will see the central nucleus if you cut or shave it.

Cause of Corn

Cause of Corn

External Stimulation and Friction are the Main Cause

Corn is actually a defensive mechanism of skin to prevent it to be damaged or penetrated by repetitive external stimulation, pressure, or friction. Persistent resistance leads to developing dead skin layer to corn shaped, which arise pain and irritation feeling. It is mostly occurred on people wearing pointy shoes or high heels for long time and also on people who enjoy sports using palm or sole of foot a lot. Wearing comfortable shoes and removing protruded bone may prevent corns and help treatment.

What is Wart

Wart is an infected disease of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). It is most likely to be seen on hand, leg, foot, or pubes. The occurrence areas, symptom, and treatment method can vary depending on the genotype.

It is frequently occurred in childhood and adolescent period. In some cases, it can naturally heal as the child ages. If warts spread to other body parts, special medical help at the clinic is required. Wart is a disease incurred by virus, thus infection by contact is also possible. So, the patient is recommended to be careful when using public toilet or furniture since the virus is contagious in room temperature for several months.

Types of Wart

Types of Wart

Hand and Toe Nail Wart

This type of wart can be found on lip, ear, or nose as well as hand and toe nail. This type is frequently found on young children.

Palm and Sole Wart

Wart occurred on palm or sole gets pressed by weight and penetrates inside the body like corn instead of protruding outside as typical wart. In this case, it is very difficult to identify whether it is corn, callus, or wart with naked eyes, thus more accurate diagnose is required.

Flat Wart

Most cases, flat wart appears on facial areas and it is widely seen from child to adult in 30’s. It is relatively small about 1~3mm in size, and the texture is smooth with almost no protrusion from the skin. It can be quite stressful to young patients due to its appearance on face.

What is Milium

Milium is white or yellow round shaped pocket with size of 1mm that reside on shallow skin layer. It looks very similar with millet pimple which contains sebum inside but milium is filled with dead skin cell instead.

Some people try to squeeze milium out in a similar method as squeezing acne. Milium is different type of skin trouble, thus squeezing by hand will cause skin inflammation. Squeezing milium on eye area may damage nerves, so it is highly recommended to seek medical help by physician.

Cause of Milium

Cause of Corn

Over Proliferated Dead Skin Cell

Milium development can be triggered naturally but sometimes blister or skin burn may cause the disease. It is most likely to be found on cheek and eyelid in all age range.

Post-Operative Care

Post-Operative Care

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy relives pain, soothes the surgery area, and helps swelling to subside faster after the surgery with 100% pure oxygen. Minimal tissue damage or stimulation on skin promises brighter skin tone by even one time treatment. By providing nutrients into the skin with special oxygen pressure, it reforms collagen and elastin. This boosts skin elasticity and metabolism for faster skin regeneration effect.

Treatment Process

  • Consultation with specialistSTEP 01 Consultation with specialist
  • CleansingSTEP 02 Cleansing
  • Apply anesthesia creamSTEP 03 Apply anesthesia cream
  • Customized laser treatmentSTEP 04 Customized laser treatment
  • Cool down after treatmentSTEP 05 Cool down after treatment
  • Wrap upSTEP 06 Wrap up