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Surgery Information


  • Melanin activates when friction occurs on armpit, groin, elbow, and knee which causes pigmentation.

What is Pigmentation

Pigmentation is a condition where skin color is darkened due to melanin activation. We can also refer to melasma and freckles as pigmentation but it is more common on areas such as armpit, groin, knee, and elbow.

Treatments that effectively destroy the melanine or removing accumulated dead skin cells will improve the pigmentation with whitening effect. However, one time treatment is not enough and depending on the depth of the pigmentation, several sessions of the treatment is required for the better result.

The Cause of The Pigmentation


1. Pigmentation caused by frequent friction

Occurs on areas such as armpit, elbows, knees, groin, and heels

2. Repeatable self-waxing

Stimulated area with repeatable self-waxing

3. Pregnancy

Hormone secretion during pregnancy may cause the pigmentation but in this case, it naturally improves after birth

4. Other cause

Genetic cause, endocrine diseases, and atopy

Types of Pigmentation

  • SpotsTYPE 01 Spots
  • SpotsTYPE 02 Freckles
  • SpotsTYPE 03 Age spots
  • SpotsTYPE 04 Moles
1. Removal of cause of pigmentation
Identify cause of pigmentation and block UV rays.
2. Whitening ointment
There are various types of whitening products with hydroquinone which is effective. There are other substances such as tretinoin, vitamin C, arbutin, kinerase and these products are only available by the doctor’s prescription.
3. Whitening treatment
By rubbing a roller with micro needles on the treatment area, stimulate the skin to produce collagen.
4. Desquamation
There are peelings that let the skin breathe, such as GA peeling and Aladdin peeling.
5. Laser treatment
Long laser waves enter deep within the skin to affect melanin pigmentation and hemoglobin in the vessels to improve freckles and expanded pore, blood vessels, skin redness and form clear skin.

Treatment Process

  • Consultation with specialistSTEP 01 Consultation with specialist
  • CleansingSTEP 02 Cleansing
  • Apply anesthesia creamSTEP 03 Apply anesthesia cream
  • Customized laser treatmentSTEP 04 Customized laser treatment
  • Cool down after treatmentSTEP 05 Cool down after treatment
  • Wrap upSTEP 06 Wrap up