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Representative’s Greeting

Here is representative's greeting of wonjin dental clinic
Total Aesthetic Solution & Balance of Esthetics & Function! For 10 years (1993-2003) Dr. Kim was a Professor of Corrective Orthodontics at Yonsei University Dental School. While at the University of Florida, Gainsville and the University of Washington, Seattle Dr. Kim continued his Corrective Orthodontics research and raised the standard for effective surgery, patient care, and satisfactory results.

The motto of WONJIN Dental Clinic is a “Total Aesthetic and Balance of Esthetics & Function!”
Here at WONJIN Dental, we only have the most distinguished and certified team of dental and medical experts. Our patients are numerous and inspire us to perform better each and every day.
“I remember my first two jaw surgery patient. As he was recovering in the care unit I saw his swollen face and his mother by his side.

His mother was crying as she noticed her son’s remarkably changed appearance. This lead me to go to the University of Florida and continue my research in Optimal orthodontic force. As a young student, this episode strongly influenced my decision to partake in lifelong continued education.
We strive to be the best dental clinic in Asia. We pledge to perform with the utmost sincerity and care.”
Representative Surgeon Young Joon Kim

Orthodontist, PhD of Dentistry, Damon/Incognito certified doctor
  • Yonsei University Dental School, Associate professor
  • University of Washington, Seattle, Exchange professor
  • University of Florida, Gainsville, Exchange professor
  • Professor of Corrective Orthodontics at Yonsei University Dental School
  • Completed internship, residency in dental clinic affiliation of Yonsei University Dental School