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Damon / Clippy-C

Reduction of Frictional Forces Damon/Clippy-C

Frictional force which is one of the factors that interfere with tooth movement is reduced with application of braces where the caps shaped lid is closed and fixed on bracket. Depending on the type of braces, they are called “Clippy-C” or “Damon.”

Damon Clippy-C
In case of tooth extraction,
treatment without extraction is possible.
Most aesthetic among self-ligation
brackets and whitening orthodontics is possible.
  • Reduced treatment period and number of visits.
  • Less pain due to reduced friction force.
  • Easy to maintain oral health and hygiene.

Advantages of Damon / Clippy-C

  • MERIT 01 Shorten treatment period

    Reduced friction force shortens treatment time

  • MERIT 02 Less pain

    Self-ligation bracket lessens pain as its wire is thinner than pre-existing devices

  • MERIT 03 Decreased treatment time on visiting day

    Self-ligation with sliding door technique enables treatment in a simple way

  • MERIT 04 Reduced number of visiting clinic

    Self-ligation braces require visits with intervals of 6~8 weeks or more