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Quick Front Teeth Correction in 9 weeks

Short for “Mini Tube Appliance,” MTA corrects the front teeth without moving the molars. The tube shaped braces do not break, poke, or are visible. MTA is also able to adhere on lingual side as occasion so this increases the aesthetic aspects. It has the advantage of saving time and money.

* Period :6~8weeks
* Number of Visits : 1 time every 3 weeks

Advantages of MTA

  • MERIT 01 Shorter time frame

    Removal of braces in 9 weeks, individual case may vary

  • MERIT 02 Aesthetic

    Invisible due to its tube shaped bracket

  • MERIT 03 Inexpensive price

    Relatively inexpensive compared to other braces

Compare – Regular braces / MTA

Regular braces MTA
Features Regular braces Not readily seen due to tube shaped braces
Differences About 1.5 year treatment period / Difficult to take care of/ Aesthetically unpleasing Correction only in 6 weeks / Almost no feeling of irritation/ Does not break or poke
Price The most inexpensive price among braces excluding partial braces Comparatively inexpensive price