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Incognito is

a new concept of customized lingual corrective devices that is combined with CAD-CAM system and robotics mechanical engineering.

Advantages of Incognito

  • MERIT 01 Customized

    Incognito is customized for every set of teeth using a precise computer system leading to reduced friction and reduced pronunciation disorder.

  • MERIT 02 Reduced feeling of irritation

    Incognito is only 1/3 the size of regular braces so the feeling of discomfort and pronunciation difficulty is reduced.

  • MERIT 03 Aesthetic

    The braces are barely noticeable by other people due to reduced size of it and are less discomfort while brushing.

  • MEFIT 04 Reduced treatment period

    Incognito has less frictional force comparing to others and this shortens the treatment period to 6 months.

Incognito VS Regular Lingual Braces

Incognito Regular Lingual Braces
Production Customization Standard type
Size & Width Only 1/3 size of normal lingual braces Standard size and height.
Feeling & Pronunciation Problems Almost no pronunciation disorder and feel comfortable Discomfort due to large size of it and have pronunciation disorder

Advantages of Customized Braces

  • For Non-customized braces
    A thick adhesive is required for attaching braces behind the teeth. This may lead to a feeling of irritation, pronunciation problems, and movement of teeth, which may lead to a longer treatment.
  • Customized Braces
    Incognito is 100% attached behind The teeth which reduce the width of the adhesive, reducing the feelings of irritation and pronunciation problems.