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Aesthetic Treatment

What is Cavity?

Cavity is one of the most common type of ailments, it forms when our teeth decay or break down. It is caused by germs or particles of leftover foods combining with acidic substances. They are treated by removing the rotten area, and filling it with amalgam, gold, resin, ceramic inlay to reform it. It is important to get periodic exams to prevent deep cavities which may require nerve treatment.

Types of treatment

01 Resin

Resin treats the damaged teeth using a tooth colored ingredient. Resin does not remove a large portion of the teeth and is a simple procedure.

02 Inlay Treatment

After removal of cavities, gold, resin or ceramic is used to form a structure around the damaged area to restore its form and function. In the past, amalgam was often used but it leads to recurrence of cavity due to discoloration or breaking down, thus inlay treatment is highly recommended.