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Aesthetic Treatment

Aesthetic Implant

Dental implant means to implant an artificial tooth into the area where the tooth is missing. Also, it enables to have the same function with natural tooth by implanting artificial dental root into the jaw bone without any removal of surrounding teeth or using dentures.

Advantages & Features of Implant

Implant Diagnosis & Treatment Process

The treatment process includes preoperative assessment, operation, implant prosthetic appliance, and maintenance.

  • 01

    Check up & treatment
    plan,gum treatment

  • 02

    Insert implant
    (1st operation)

  • 03

    Sterilize &
    Stitch out

  • 04

    Dental implant

  • 05

    After 2nd operation,
    connect upper structure

  • 06

    artificial teeth

  • 07

    Maintenance and
    periodic check up

Postoperative Care

Dental implant lifespan depends on your hygiene management.

Periodic Check up
Periodic check up in 3 months interval, then in an half year after surgery can increase implant life expectancy and maintain good condition of your oral health.
Avoid hard food
Hard foods might be affecting on loosen your artificial tooth and your original tooth as well. Therefore, please avoid hard, chewy, crunchy and sticky foods.
Oral Care
It is required to have correct brushing of teeth and use dental floss. Avoiding alcohol and smoking would be great for your dental implant lifespan.