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Thread Lifting

Elastic Lifting (Elasticum) Information

Elastic Lifting

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: N/A
  • Stitch Removal: 2 weeks after
  • Clinic Visit: 2 times
  • Recovery Period: Immediate return to everyday activity
What is Elastic Lifting (Elasticum)?
Unlike the general thread lift, it is a new type of thread lifting which has tufted polyester surrounded on silicone for the natural elastic effect on face and body with minimum incision and quick recovery.
Recommended for those who
  1. 1. Wish to have lifting not only face, but also body parts
  2. 2. Wish to improve neck wrinkles
  3. 3. Wish to have naturally young looking
  4. 4. Wish to have lifting effect without incision
  5. 5. Wish to have fast recovery with no side effects

Elastic Lifting (Elasticum) Effect
Elastic Lifting (Elasticum) Effect
Minimize the scar Wonjin Lifting Center’s rich experience and know-how Tight elasticity with natural movement

One. Dreams come true with the long term effect

The Italian plastic surgeon, Dr. Sergio Capurro, has developed Elasticum for good elasticity with quick recovery. It is made in Genova, well-known city in Italy for weaving, which can be also experienced at Wonjin Lifting Center for those who want a long lasting effect of elasticity.

Why? Why Wonjin Thread Lifting is the Best?

Comprised of Chief Doctors of Lifting Wonjin Lifting Center!
Wonjin provides customer satisfaction with many years of know-how and rich experience.

Two. Rejuvenation effect with natural movement

The new material of elastic lifting, Elasticum creates natural movement with engrafted weaving technique. It is soft as subcutaneous fat that has elasticity and works as ligament for the long lasting effect. The thread is absorbed within 3 weeks and it also works as ligament tissue that will provide rejuvenation effect.

Rejuvenation effect with natural movement

Three. Accomplish the miracle of never getting old

Elasticum is different from general lifting thread which incises skin tissue on face or neck. Only 1cm of incision is required that minimizes the scar for quick recovery.

Accomplish the miracle of never getting old

Areas for Elastic Lifting (Elasticum)

Around the eyes, smile line, neck, forehead, eyebrows, droopy cheek, double chin, scars, areola reduction, hip

Accomplish the miracle of never getting old

Wonjin Thread Lifting Key Points

Wonjin Thread Lifting Key Points
Direction Well understanding of skin base structure to pinpoint the fix point to pull skin tissues in right direction is very important for the good result.
Force The adequate amount of pulling force is needed accordingly because the front cheek, jaw line, etc. have all different stretching level.
Combination The best result can be expected by combining several threads together for different areas.
Skill Doctor's sophisticated and skilled technique are the most important factors for the good result.