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Laser Lifting

Non-Incisional Lifting

Ulthera Information

  • Duration: 20~30 min.
  • Anesthesia: Local Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization: N/A
  • Stitch Removal: N/A
  • Clinic Visit: N/A
  • Recovery Period: Immediate return to everyday activity
What is WONJIN’s Ulthera?
Ulthera is a method that penetrates high-intensity ultrasonic waves into skin fascia (SMAS layer). This is a type of laser treatment that enables to pull up panniculus camosus where pre-existing laser or high-frequency cannot reach, which result in face-lifting effect without any incision or surgery.
Recommended for those who
  1. 1. Have lost elasticity on overall face due to aging
  2. 2. Have no clear face line due to saggy cheek and jawline
  3. 3. Have extreme wrinkles around eyes and mouth
  4. 4. Have smile line and neck wrinkles
  5. 5. Wish to have V-line but are reluctant to surgery
  6. 6. Need short period of procedure and recovery

Ulthera is a non-surgical laser treatment that uses ultrasonic waves in order to lift and improve wrinkles without any damage on the skin surface. Unlike previous high frequency laser procedures that were not able to reach deep within the skin such as the SMAS layer, Ulthera uses high frequency ultrasound waves to transport the heat for improved wrinkles and elasticity.

Ulthera Image

The Effect of Ulthera

Reduce wrinkles, V-line, Increase elasticity, Regenerate skin

Areas for Ulthera

Forehead, Eye, Elasticity, Smile lines, Droopy cheeks, Chin, Neck Image

Ulthera surgical method

  • STEP 01
    After thorough consultation with
    surgeon, santize treatment area
  • STEP 02
    Inject anesthesia so that it absorbs through area evenly
  • STEP 03
    Design treatment area
    according to consultation
  • STEP 04
    Proceed with ulthera according to the design